We explore, conceive and validate different types of solutions, which can range from a digital campaign to the creation of a new product from scratch.

We direct our gaze at three services in order to efficiently solve every challenge.

Brand Reboot.

Today brands, agencies, production companies, startups or entrepreneurs are faced with challenges that involve creating content for traditional, digital, social media even experiential plattforms, and often they do not have the resources nor the talent necessary to solve them.


IMMIGRANT joins the work table offering a variety of tools, concepts and ideas that help solve these challenges.

Ideas Think Tank.

We are convinced that to be relevant, the organizations should pursue the purpose of being useful for people. However, understand it is not enough.


IMMIGRANT offers his experience, talent and methodologies to build products and solutions from scratch.

Game Changing Business.

We help develop products, services, brands or experiences that people want to use and organizations want to invest on.

At IMMIGRANT we work with organizations to find functional solutions that generate a positive impact in the world. Compelling products or services that generate a scalable and sustainable value to business.