José Azanza Arias


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Alfonso Cornejo Lavin


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We are Alfonso and José, founding partners and immigrants.


During the last decade we´ve been part of talented teams in some of the most prestigious advertising agencies, working for several local, regional and international brands.


Fortunately our work has been recognized and awarded in several of the most important advertising awards in the industry.


Today, we join forces in our independent venture where we promote an open and collaborative model focused in solving different kinds of problems and helping brands, entrepreneurs and startups to maximize their businesses..

Our work


Meals are fun with the right motivation.

We developed it from scratch, Yumit is an interactive meal set, specifically designed for kids to get them interested in eating. It helps them focus on their food by turning meal times into a fun game.


The healthier the kids eat, the more virtual energy their favorite game character will have.

Credits: Wunderman BA


The app that helps girls to make decisions.

Made in collaboration with Google and Kimberley Clark, the app allows young women ask for advice from other users and comment in a simple and fun way about the doubts of others.


Women value the opinion of their friends in times of indecision, especially when it comes to fashion.

Credits: +Castro

ALA ciclo corto

The tv spot that saves energy.

We had to communicate that washing with ALA people get not only the same quality of washing, but also energy savings.


Based on this premise, the whole campaign assets were designed to save energy including how they were produced.

Credits: +Castro

Our Client Experience

We are a curated network of professional that grows project after project. We set up small multi-disciplinary teams with the best local and international talent.


We create IMMIGRANT based on the principle that working together we can turn problems into opportunities.